Decorative HEXAGONAL wall panels with varied thickness for textured 3D surface design, pack of 3

Decorative HEXAGONAL Wall Panels for texture depth, 3D design, pack 3

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Vintage Textone
Oak Wood

Flexible Wall Panels in attractive Hexagonal shapes protect the walls whilst creating unique patterns.

Our Decorative HEXAGONAL wall panels bring a modern, textured feel to any space. The varied thicknesses and subtle design highlights create a 3D effect, making a bold statement in any room. Each pack includes 3 panels.

Our decorative Hexagonal panels break up the monotony of the existing wall adding texture, colour, and interest to otherwise uninspiring surfaces. Hexagonal shapes allow for elements to be added in different directions to optimise the coverage whilst creating an individual design. Supplied in a pack of three, each Hexagon has a different thickness of 6, 12, and 18 mm, which allows you to create a textured 3-dimensional masterpiece.

The wide choice of colours and finishes guarantees to give your surfaces a new form, allowing you to hide any marks or defects on the walls. The lightweight shapes are designed to fit perfectly alongside each other meaning it is easy and quick to install using widely available silicon glue or industrial Velcro’s (trademark acknowledged) whilst a wide array of colour choices and Satin or Gloss finish complement your interiors.

Panel Size: 350x400mm

Panel Thickness: 1 x 6mm, 1 x 12mm, 1x18mm

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Choose from the colours and sizes listed on the website or contact us if you need a different colour or size. 

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