Display photos, schoolwork, artwork, drawings, work schedules, night-shift patterns, ‘to-dos’ or weekly chores chart around the home, inside kitchen cupboard and in the home office / study as well as notices, signage, posters, menus, certificates, accreditation, special offers in shops, restaurant cafes, hotels, offices, garages etc. in a professional and tidy way with these versatile frames. The self-adhesive surface of the back part of these frames ensures it sticks to almost any smooth, solid surface whilst magnetic front flap makes it easy to swap the contents. Award-winning design means the frame looks the same on both sides so when it placed on a glass door or window you can see the information on both sides (just do not forget to print the paper on both sides or put two sheets back to back!). The low tack adhesive means frame can be repositioned without leaving residue, perfect solution for doors or walls that cannot be screwed. Slight recess in the back helps to hold the insert in place and the short-edge spine allows the frame to be used in either portrait or landscape format.