Stackable Grey Letter Trays with Stylish Coloured Contours for Home Office Study


Elegant Letter Trays made high-quality plastic will add style and functionality to your study desk, side table, organise papers around your printers and systemise all family documents.

  • Self-stacking trays stay firmly in place whether stacked vertically on top of one another, in a staggered recess to make it easier to see the content of each tray or back to front if these are shared between two neighbouring desks. Large 5.5cm height offers good 2” of storage of foolscap documents, folders, magazines, and brochures, without the need to use any less stable risers. Sturdy construction allows you to build up as many trays as you need to get everything and everyone organised.

    Dimensions (each tray): 2”H x 10”L x13”D (5.5 x 25.5 x 33 cm)

    Perfectly coordinate with Stylish Grey Box Tower Home Office / Study Organiser Storage Unit and Stationery Storage Tidy Tray

     For a range of Accessories please see the 4 Drawer Lockable Unit


  • Letter Tray Set MULTI5 Trays with 5 colours detailing (1 each of Red, Orange, Purple, Lilac, Yellow)

    Letter Tray Set DUO2 Trays with Red detailing

    Letter Tray Set DUO2 Trays with Orange detailing

    Letter Tray Set DUO2 Trays with Purple detailing


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