Radiator Cover Wall Panels Cupboard Doors material Finish and Colours samples

Samples for Radiator Cover Wall Panels Cupboard Doors Finish Colours

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Sample Swatches of material used to produce our most popular Panel Radiator Covers as well as Decorative Wall Panels and Replacement Kitchen Cupboard Doors etc.

Not sure what Finish or Colour is right for you? No problem.

Now you can order up to 5 samples of the material we use for our PANEL Radiator Covers, Radiator Shelves/ Windowsills, Decorative Wall Panels, as well as kitchen cupboard doors and sliding/walk-in wardrobe doors and we will send them to you within couple of days.

Just add the item to the basket and detail the sample references in the comments section.

What's more, we will provide you with a full refund for this item as soon as you order any product to a value of £200 or more.