Measuring Instructions

How to measure your Radiator?

To establish the size of the Radiator Cover or Radiator Cabinet you will need to masure the following:
How to measure your Radiator for Radiator Covers
WIDTH:   Measure full width including any valves, pipes and water regulators.
RADIATOR HEIGHT :   Measure from the lowest to the highest part of the  radiator.
FULL HEIGHT:   Measure from the top of the radiator to the floor.
DEPTH:   Measure from the wall to the most prominent front part of the radiator, including any type of key or regulator.
SKIRTING BOARD:   HEIGHT: Measure from the top of the skirting board to the floor. 
  DEPTH: Measure from the wall to the thickest part of the skirting board.

 Ensure you measure the full WIDTH / LENGTH of the radiator, including valves.

Measuring instruction for Radiator Covers - Length measured valve to valve

Ensure you measure the HEIGHT of the radiator only.

 Measuring Instruction of Radiator Covers - measuring height of the radiator only

For example: 100cm Radiator Covers are suitable for radiators up to 90cm / 3 ft long or 130cm Radiator Covers are suitable for Radiators up to 120cm / 4ft long.

To limit the loss of heat ensures that you choose the size that allows free air flow around the radiator, in all directions. Standard covers are 70cm / 27 ½” high, double check that this is the right height for you, otherwise contact us to get a bespoke quotation.

You can also use this sheet to add all the measurements of radiators in different rooms or areas and email it back to us and we will recommend the size of your Radiator Cabinet.

 What measurements do I need?


Our Radiator Cover Panels are floating FRONT PANELS that clip onto your Radiator. To establish the size of the Radiator Cover you need you will just need the LENGTH (valve to valve) & add 10cm to fully cover pipes, valves; measure the RADIATOR HEIGHT, if it is 64cm or less the standard 70cm Radiator Cover will be suitable, otherwise contact us for a bespoke quote


Flating Radiator Cover Lines

The Floating Radiator Cavers combine the benefits of Radiator Cover Panels with easy installation and limited heat loss alongside the advantages of Radiator Cabinets, offering the additional protection of pipes, valves, thermostats as well as top shelf for occasional storage etc. The Floating Cabinets are mounted to the wall, just above your Radiator so it is up to you if you want the Radiator Cabinet to go all the way to the floor or finish just under the Radiator and above the skirting board to achieve the floating effect. Use this handy sheet to jot down the measurements and check information on the specific product to see what minimum adjustments you need to make to your measurements.


RadiatorCoversShop Radiator Cabinet in hallway

Our Radiator Cabinets are supplied fully assembled CABINETS with top and two sides, the front panel is removable allowing access to temperature valves; there is no assemble needed but we recommend to fix the back of the cabinet to the wall to prevent if from falling forward.

For your perfect Raidato Cabinet measure WIDTH (valve to valve) and add a minimum of 10cm; measure FULL HEIGHT from the floor to the top of the radiator, if it is 75cm or les our standard 88cm high Radiator Cabinets is suitable, do contact us if you are unsure of need a different height.

DEPTH: Please measure from the wall to the front of the radiator; our Standard Radiator Cabinets are 22cm deep, which means these are suitable for radiators up to 17cm deep measuring from the wall to the front of the radiator.

SKIRTING BOARD CUT OUT: as standard our Radiator Cabinets are supplied without any cut-outs or with a 3x17cm cut-out radiused at the top. Please make a note in the Shopping Cart section of your order to confirm that you would like the 3x17cm cut-out or if you would like a different size cut out for your specific skirting board.

NOTE: You might need to adjust the sizes that you need if your Radiator is positioned in a tight corner, next to a door / passage or under the windowsill or dado rail. It is easy to adjust the vertical and horizontal position of Radiator Covers but you might need a special size of Radiator Cabinets.

If you are not sure if any of the measurements correct or require assistance, please contact us and we will guide you through the process and recommend the best product.

Fitting Instructions:

Please go to the Instruction Page to see how to fit the radiator covers.