Towel Rail Radiator Cover Safety Panel protecting from burns in En-suit Cloaks Bathroom Heaters

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Towel Rail Radiator Covers are specifically designed to act as Safety Panels protecting from burns in En-suit Cloaks Bathroom Heaters by providing a barrier from direct contact with hot heaters.

This is especially important in frequently used areas in homes and buildings such as entry halls, corridors, and office canteens as well as small bathrooms, cloaks, and en-suits, specifically when those are used by elderly care homes, assisted living venues, or vulnerable people as well children in schools and nurseries.

  • Unique Designs: specifically designed for Bathroom Towel Rail Heaters in many attractive designs and colours to make your bathroom fit your interior style & colour scheme yet prevent accidental burns
  • Very easy to fit: just fix two brackets to the Radiator Cover & hang onto the Radiator, no cutting, no drilling, no damage to the walls (removable installation)
  • Removable: flexible fitting allows easy repositioning to suit your space and rapid removal to a new room when you move home or take out from a show home etc.
  • Protect from burns: create a barrier from direct contact with the radiator preventing burns
  • Virtually no loss of heat: positioned away from the radiator with no top and bottom the floating panels have open patterns for free air circulation, causing no heat loss
  • Quality material & hand finish: highest quality board finished by hand to achieve superior smoothness and adherence in every detail
  • Long-lasting with Easy Maintenance: made of durable material with a wipe-clean surface, valves accessible from the side for easy heat control and maintenance
  • Standard Delivery: made to order in Europe and delivered in 4 to 10 weeks
  • FREE Delivery: We offer FREE UK delivery on orders of £200+ see the Delivery & Returns page for more details

Towel Rail close to the Toilet - no problem our  Radiator Cover Safety Panel protects from burns in En-suit Cloaks Bathroom Heaters.



Our Towel Rail Radiator Heter Covers are extremely easy to fit onto standard Towel Rails so it is hidden behind the modern attractive cover. The ingenious design of the flexible fittings allows for the 70cm High (27 ½”) Radiator Cover position to be adjusted so it fits the space perfectly. Made from water retardant material covered with durable PVC foil the Radiator Covers are easy to clean. All covers are supplied with standard fittings for Bathroom Towel Rail radiators - Panle, columns & other Radiator Fittings are sold separately.

You might also consider ordering additional Panel Radiator Covers for other areas as well as made-to-measure matching Radiator Shelves that will also improve heating efficiency by directing heat into the room or adding some matching Wall Panels to create stunning features and walls matching your Radiator Covers.  

Please note all Radiator Covers and shelves come with rigid White back on all colours.