Fitting Insturctions - Radiator Cabinets

RADIATOR CABINETS (front panel, top & two sides)


Distinct Desings Radiator Cabinets Line Drawing

 Your Radiator Cabinet pack contains the following components:

  • 1 x connecting board
  • 1 x top panel/shelf, 2 x side panels left and right and front panel grille
  • 4 sets of KEKU fittings for (4 male and female) removable fitting or the front panel
  • 16 screws to fir the KEKU fittings
  • 11 MiniFix sets with 11 CAM lock nuts, connectors and masking cups for connecting the radiator case
  • 2 wooden dowels to stabiles the top panel fixing
  • 2 x wall fixing brackets (optional, sent separately)

 Distinct Designs Radiator Cabint Fising Components

 How to assemble the Distinct Radiator Cabinet:

 NOTE: We would recommend that you have another person helping with the assembly

Please do not remove the protective foil until you have completed the assembly

 1. Screw the 4 KEKU female fittings onto the front of the left and right side panels

 Distinct Desings screwing Keko femal fixings onto the sides of Radiator Cabinets

 How to recognise which is Male and Female KEKU fixings?


2. Screw the wall fixing bracket (if used) to the back of the top of the right and left side panel, just under the holes for connecting the narrow back connecting panel.

3. Connect the Left and Right side panels with the connecting backboard using 4 Minifix fittings 

Distinct Designs Radiator Cabinets fixing of the back board with the side panles

4. Connect the top panel to the two sides and back panel with 7 MiniFix fittings and 2 wooden dowels

 Distinct_Designs_Radiator_Cabinets_Fixing_the_top_panle_ to_the_side_left_and_right_panels_with_the_back_connecting_panels

 5. Screw the 4 KEKU male fittings onto the front of the front panel




NOTE: The Radiator Cabinet is designed free-standing but to ensure it stays in place you might like to fix it to the wall using small L shaped 90 Degree angle Brackets and Screws, which we will send to your separately. The Brackets can be fixed onto the back top part of the right and left side panels and fixed to the wall.

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