PANEL Removable

Our Panel Radiator Covers offer the simplest way of hiding your Radiator.

Ingenius clip-on fixing means these Panel Radiator Covers are flexible and removable, making our Radiator Covers not only extremely easy to fit but also you can re-position the Front Cover Panels to different areas in your home or take with you to your next house, or for the next show home/house staging.

Radiator Covers and Cabinets also provide added safety as they create a physical barrier from hot radiators, which is invaluable if you have small children or pets at home or in any public places where otherwise it would be easy to touch a radiator heater.

Removable Radiator Covers are extremely easy to fit onto any radiator heater (standard fitting for panel radiator supplied, additional fittings available) so it is concealed behind the attractive cover, creating a floating effect, and yet there is only a minimal loss of heat (approximate 1%) making this the perfect solution for any room in your house. Read more ...