4 reasons why our Radiator Covers are better

4 reasons why our Radiator Covers are better

Let's be honest - radiators are ugly. We do need them but we do not want to see them, and why are the radiators always positioned in the centre of the room?

Unless you have the time and money to get some nice designer radiators (which will need professional fitting ... and £3k (at least) and a few weeks later ... voilà, you have the look you wanted) you are stuck with this not so attractive 'focal point' of your room.

This is why I searched high and low to come up with something to make the radiators look good. I am not a DIY expert or a heating engineer so my priority was to make sure the product is easy to fit and does not cause too much loss of heat (good for the environment and for the pocket!).

Is that even possible - I hear you ask? 

I thoughts not until that is I found these beautiful modern Removable Radiator Covers, which will literally transform any plain radiator into a focal point of your room, adding style and sophistication.

And the main reasons these covers are better are:

1. Ingenious Desing - stunning look!

Unlike traditional radiator cabinets that enclose the entire radiator, which blocks heat distribution, these new covers are attached to the front of the radiator with simple brackets -  why has nobody thought of this before? 

2. No loss of heat

Spaced away from the radiator and open on all four sides with stylish front designs that allow free heat distribution means there is virtually no heat loss (approximately 1%), meaning your home will be warm and look great.

3. Easy Fitting

The assembly* boils down to four screws and two self-adhesive spacers - that is all! NO need for precise measuring, NO need for cutting out sections for skirting board, NO wall mounting - truly it should take a few minutes!

See more details on our Instructions Page and the Removable assembly video below for more details.


4. Flexibility

The covers are 'hanging' on radiators, which means you can easily re-position these to either side (e.g. to cover some ugly plugs), place them onto another radiator as well as you to your next home or for the next house staging.

And we love them so much that we have these all across our own homes - below please see how our living room, dining room, bedroom, and hallway are transformed with these simple covers.


The covers are suitable for most radiator types and styles, including steam radiators, boiler radiators, tin radiators, cast iron radiators and aluminum radiators (additional fixings might be needed) so just send us a photo of hour radiator and we will let you know how we can fix it!

 Available in six attractive designs, two finishes (Matt and Gloss), five colours and six sizes I am sure you will find one suitable for you but to contact us in you need a different colour or size - we make these so anything is possible (almost anything ...). 

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