5 things you need to know about Tablet Holders

July 31, 2018

Table top Tablet Holder on a worktop in a modern kitchen

Work, learn, play, read, communicate, cook ... or relax we rely on our tablets in so many ways


So it is even more important than ever to make sure yours is protected whatever you are and whatever you do at home in the office or on the move.


With versatile position adjustments, our Table Worktop Stand, Table Clamp with arm, Wall Fixed, Wall extendable Arm and Floor Standing Tablet Phone Device Holders are a great way to encourage you to use your tablet more ergonomically (i.e. no more neck and backache) whilst the strong, secure holder retains the device freeing your hands whilst working, playing, conversing, video calling ... or cooking.


Fitting, inserting, rotating, tilting, swivelling etc ... here are the 5 important things to know about our Tablet Holders


Tablet Holders to keep your device firmly in place
The extendable 7 inch to 13 inch soft touch padded non-slip holding cradle securely grips any iPad Pro 10.5 / 9.7 / 12.9, iPad mini 2 3 4, iPad Air, Air 2, iPhone X 8 7 Plus, 6s Plus, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 S8 Pro 8.4 , Samsung Note 3, Surface Pro, Fire Tablet, e-readers, Kindles, and Tablets devices without scratching.
  1. Set the Tablet Holder in place
  2. Place your device in the bottom section of the Tablet Holder and gently press down to open the holder
  3. The top and bottom of the holder will open symmetrically to accommodate the device
Distinct Designs Tablet Phone Device Holder Stands Mounting Dock secure grip


3 easy steps to fit your Wall Tablet Holder
Secure Wall Mounting is easy; just screw the separate mounting plate to the wall with three screws; slide on the base of the holder onto the mounting plate for a strong flat fixing; place your device in the holder and enjoy!!!
  1. Attach the separate mounting place bracket with 3 screws
  2. Slide the back of the Tablet Holder onto the wall fixed plate bracket
  3. Place your device securely in the Tablet Holder and enjoy!
Distinct Designs Wall Mounted Tablet Holders Fittings instructions in 3 easy steps


360°degree rotation for landscape & Portrait viewing
All Tablet Holders feature 360°degree rotation with a stopping point at every 90° degree to accommodate your perfect landscape or portrait viewing position. To rotate:
  1. Hold both sides of the holder section
  2. Smoothly rotate the holder with the device to the desired position
  3. The holder will stop at every 90° degree for perfect landscape or portrait position
Distinct Designs Tablet Phone Device Holder Stands Mounting Dock 360 degree rotation


Tilt, swivel, rotation for optimal ergonomics
Desktop & Floor Tablet Holders with 0 to 88° degree tilt for optimal viewing
Wall &Tabletop Clamp Arm have  -6° to +46° degree tilt (up/down) and 170° degree rotation (side to side) with 36.5 cm radius and 180° swivel of the arm
Distinct Designs Tablet Phone Device Holder Stands Mounting Dock tilt, swivel rotation for optimal ergonomics


easy locking to keep your device in place
All Tablet Holders are supplied with an additional low-tuck insert strip and a key that allows you to lock the device within the holding mechanism, ensuring it stays in place for the duration of your task and it cannot be removed easily without the key 
  1. Place the low-tuck insert strip in the holder
  2. Lock on the top with the key provided
  3. The device cannot be removed from the Holder without the key
Distinct Designs Tablet Phone Device Holder Stands Mounting Dock easy locking mechanism


And for a limited time, you can get the Lightweight padded protective sleeves that will take care of your device whilst on the move FREE with a qualifying purchase of any Tablet Holder Stand
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