Batroom towel raills too hot to touch … we have the answer.

Batroom towel raills too hot to touch … we have the answer.

Have you ever wondered how you can protect your children or indeed any family member from burning themselves on those awkward bathrooms or en suite radiators?

They place them so close to the toilet or sink, don’t they?

Bathroom towel rails get very hot so it is important to minimise the risk of burns, especially for children, if the bathrooms are used by guests in your B&B, hotel or public area or the Towel Rail is positioned close to the sanitary ware making it almost impossible not to touch it when in use.

Our Panel Radiator Covers can be fitted directly onto standard towel rails, so they create a barrier from the hot radiator whilst retaining the heat efficiency.

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Stylish protection, installed in literally minutes

Radiator Covers with fittings for Bathroom Towel Rails

Well, Distinct Designs have the solution.

Turn your radiator into a stylish piece of art, whilst protecting everyone from the risk of burning.

Here’s how!

  1. Simple to install – no skill or professional tools required.
  2. Screw two special fixing hooks onto the top, two to the base.
  3. Hang over the bathroom radiator.
  4. Done!
  5. Enjoy!

It really is that simple.

Join all our satisfied customers, by installing one today.

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