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The long winter evenings are coming meaning we are all going to be spending more time indoors. Instead of 'are we there yet' we will all be hearing 'I am bored' ... but it does not need to be so ...let's get the children's bedrooms, nurseries ready to accommodate more activity with style and safety in mind.
Combining fun and functionality, our Distinct Kids range has been thoughtfully developed to serve important functions in children’s bedrooms, playrooms, nursery’s, or any area that is frequented by youngsters whilst retaining the feeling of fun and adventure.


Distinct Kids Radiator Cabinets
Distinct Kids Radiator Cabinets with funky CLOUDS, CARS and BALLOONS have been designed specifically for our younger generation.  
Distinct Kids Radiator Heater Covers look fun and funky and will enhance the design of any bedroom, yet covering the hot radiators perform a very important function as a guard preventing direct contact and potential burns to the very delicate young skin. All the dangerous corners, pipes and thermal elements of your radiators are completely enclosed within our Radiator Cabinets, minimising cuts and bruised on the exposed parts or a radiator; meaning the playtime is just a little bit safer.
Removable front cover means that you can easily adjust the temperature and maintain the radiator and valves.
The large opening on the bottom of the study Radiator Cabinet enables the cold air to drawn in to be heated through the radiator and pushed out of the substantial gap at the top, which improves the air circulation when compared to traditional enclosed Radiator Cabinets.
Radiator Cabinets are also known to also reduce noise some radiators might make when heating up or cooling down, which might make the bedtime that little bit easier.
  Available in 10 standard colours Snow White, Daisy White, Sea Spray Blue, Crocodile Green, Jungle Green, Lime Green, Castle Grey, Berry Red, Bumblebee Yellow or Tortilla Brown to match your design and other products in the range.


Combining tradition, versatility and style our Distinct Kids blackboards provide chalkboard function for drawing, making notes, reminders, play games etc.  whilst the magnetic surface can be used as information notice board where you can pin any information, schedules, display schoolwork, artwork, photos etc The Blackboards are enclosed within the attractive CLOUD, BALLOONS or CARS frames to match our Radiator Covers and other products in the range.


Bespoke Colourful Headboard panels made in a shape of a HIPPO or a KITTY to stimulate kids imagination in their bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms etc. 
Made from durable, hard wearing 12mm panels these attractive headboards can also be used in the playrooms as inspirational wall covering that will protect the walls whilst adding fun to your design
Available in three popular sizes our headboards will complement the look of any kid’s bedroom.
But this is not all!!!
Distinct Kids decorative CLOUD panels and cupboard doors
Our advanced design and manufacturing mean that we can produce matching panels engraved with the CARS, BALLOONS or CLOUD patterns which you can use as cupboard doors, or storage units as well as decorative perforated panels you can add as wall covering or room dividers etc.
Just contact us now and let us know your requirements and we will suggest some solutions
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