Radiator Covers and heating distribution

Radiator Covers and heating distribution

If you are considering fitting Radiator Covers it is likely because of the specific look, a design you would like to achieve, you are not happy with the plain and often rather an ugly radiator that spoils the look of the room, the window you just dressed, the hallway etc. etc. But in the back of your mind, you also have the questions - what impact will covering the radiator have on how efficient the radiator heater is in heating the room?
To understand how Radiator Covers might influence your heating we need to understand how your heating works.

The three types of heating distribution

    There are there main types of heat transfer: convection, radiation and conduction:


    Distinct Designs Radiator Covers and heating distribution - convected heat

      Convected Heat works on the basis that the more dense cold air is at the bottom and heated air expanding and rising to the top. This it the main principal of design in modern radiators where cooler, condensed air is drawn from the bottom, it gets heated as it passes through the radiator and so it rises and diffuses its heat, warming the air around and falls back to the bottom as it cools down. With this in mind, covering the heat source might reduce the distance that the convection current will carry the heat, hence Radiator Cabinets might reduce the heat efficiency of your radiators, whilst Radiator Covers that are open on all sides have little impact on Covected Heat.

      Distinct Desings Radiator Shelves

      With the warm heat rising to the top it is also recommended to place a Radiator Shelf above the radiator to direct heat toward the room, for maximum heating efficiency.


      Distinct Designs Radiator Covers and heating distribution - Radiant heat


      Radiant Heat is the heat of the sun, a bonfire, a fireplace that heats your skin when you are in direct contact. Radiant heat travels in straight lines of energy turning into heat and is absorbed by the object it comes into contact with. The large gaps on our Radiator Covers not only offer a stylish addition to any room but are also designed to allow the majority of the heat to come through, limiting its impact on Radiant Heat produced by your heater.


      Distinct Designs Radiator Covers and heating distribution - conducted heat


      Our Recommendations

      Our homes are heated by convected heat (about 80% according to this article), this means introducing any barriers, such as badly designed Radiator Cabinets, will reduce the efficiency of your heaters.

      Our most popular Radiator Covers are designed to retain the heat efficiency of your heaters. The panels are designed only to ‘cover’ the front of your radiator, meaning that the top and bottom (and sides) of your radiator are completely open, which allows the free flow of air through the radiator retaining the effective distribution of convected heat. Positioned 5cm away from the front of the heater Radiator Covers have minimal effect on the Radiant Heat yet prevent direct contact with the radiator and potential burns.


      Although more enclosed Our Radiator Cabinets have been specifically designed with large openings on top and bottom to encourage free flow of convected heat; stylish, yet open pattern of the front panel will have minimal effect on the radiant heat, meaning in comparison to other Radiator Cabinets ours cause the least interference with the heat transfer from the radiator to the room, indeed there is a flue effect of cold air being drawn from the bottom, through the radiator and adding the natural convection process. Enclosed on sides the Radiator Cabinets also provide an even better barrier that Radiator Covers safeguarding children, pets etc. from touching hot radiator surfaces or getting injured by sharp valves or pipes, and therefore we highly recommend these in children activity areas such as bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, corridors etc. etc.

      With the above in mind, you should consider using different types of Radiator Coverings in different areas and different position e.g. Radiator Covers in the lounge, dining room, landing and Radiator Cabinets in children bedroom, nursery, playroom or busy corridors etc.


      Also it is recommended to place a Radiator Shelf above the Radiator Cover; the shelf will direct the heat toward the room preventing it rising directly toward the ceiling; a stylish shelf will also provide the solutions as a handy storage in the hallway for the keys or post, a mental peace in the lounge to display photos, candles, cards etc. or additional surface in the dining room for glasses etc; placing a shelf above the Radiator is also known to redirect heat into the room improving heating efficiency.  and display space some might like above the Radiator Cover.

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