Small changes to make a big difference

April 20, 2019

Small changes to make a big difference

Here at Distinct Designs, we know how difficult it can be to find interesting pieces of furniture, not to mention the cost.

But you do not have to break the bank … just removing some clutter and adding a few stylish accessories can make all the difference, not to mention some simple but stunning lighting.

Whether you are preparing your home for sale or after months of searching and waiting just bought a house that you love but would like to remodel, or your circumstances have changed - the children have left (or just moved back in!) making your home your own will make a big difference.

Why not start with the Radiator Covers? All houses new and old have radiators, they are usually placed in the middle of a room which means they form a big part of the overall décor.

See the Radiator Cover Product Range from Distinct Designs

Whilst radiators are of course necessary, they rarely enhance the look of your home.

They are also not needed for the major part of the year, rarely used in Spring and Autumn they are certainly surplus to requirement in the Summer … but radiators are ever present in your home all year round.

So why not turn these strange bits of metal into works of art.

Radiator Covers from Distinct Designs make all the difference, making your lounge, dining room, hall and bedrooms look great.

Easy to clean around, without reducing heat and also being easily removable, these Radiator Covers are a quick, easy and affordable investment.

So why wait for a full renovation, when you can transform your home, or individual rooms quickly and at relatively low cost.

How else, for an estimated cost starting from around £149, can you make such a difference to the look of your home, all without the need to engage tradespeople, all in an instant.

As a family run company, based in Dorset and London, we know just how important it is to have your house looking nice, whilst being a restful and inspirational place to relax in, but without costing the earth.

Radiator covers from Distinct Designs can make a real and instant difference to the look and feel of your home in as little as the 5 minutes it takes to install them.

Instructions how to install Distinct Desings Radiator Covers

With many colours and finishes to choose from, our radiator covers will match your existing wall colour, furniture or can be a lovely contrast to your main wall colour, all whilst enhancing the look and feel of your rooms.

Colours and Finishes of our Radiator Cover

We carry a range of radiator covers in stock for delivery within the week, but we can also have our factory hand finish your beautiful radiator covers and delivered to your home within 4 weeks, indeed often more quickly.

Take a look at our website for examples of how Distinct Designs can transform your home with our beautiful radiator covers and don’t forget to look at our Lighting and Furniture ranges too.

 Shop Now on Distict Desings site

We feel sure that you won’t be disappointed with the result, whether you want the radiator covers to enhance your home, prepare your home for sale, or simply as a way to cover up useful, but ugly looking radiators.

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