Distinct Desings Products that is the best thing since the sliced bread

The Best thing since sliced bread …

Are you still sticking information and notices up in a ‘punched pocket with sticky tape or blue-tac? STOP right now … it does not look good anywhere, especially in your nice home, office, restaurant, hotel or anywhere where it can be seen …

Instead, use this Ingenious Display Frame.

Its’ Self-Adhesive back that will stick to any smooth solid surface so your and signage can be quickly given the wow factor by simply lifting the Magnetic flip-up front, inserting the desired literature and folding back down to be secured in place

  1. Decide where you would like to place, but don’t worry if it is not perfect – the Frame is removable and repositionable so if necessary you can adjust it!
  2. Peel off the protective backing paper and apply the self-adhesive back to any smooth, solid surface such as doors, walls and windows

Top Tip: To avoid any air bubbles that might be visible on a glass surface slowly peel off the protective backing paper whilst smoothing the adhesive that is exposed onto the surface – this will ensure good hold and more importantly no air bubbles!

  1. Your frame is ready to use, just lift the magnetic front and place one or two sheets of paper, your inserted document will be held in place by the magnetic seal.

Here you can see it in action:

But do not take our word for it – since its launch, this Display won many of international product awards including:

iF Design Award 

PBS Industrie

Red Dot Desing Award 

Viscom Best of Awards 

DIVA Display Italia Viscom Award https://www.viscomitalia.it/Eventi/DIVA/

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