Why is spring such a great time for home improvements?

Why is spring such a great time for home improvements?

When spring finally arrives, we crave outdoor living, but it is also the traditional time to decorate your home, to improve it in some way.

But you do not have to embark on a big home improvement project that will take ages and cost a lot of money.

Just a few small changes, a spring clean, some decluttering and a bit of paint will make a huge difference.

You will also be surprised how much difference our affordable and beautiful Radiator Covers will make.

We spend so much time and money decorating our walls and windows, making everything harmonies and beautiful but it seems difficult to do anything with these rectangular pieces of white metal hanging from our wall, so we just live with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we need radiators and there is a reason for them being there and usually placed in the middle of the room … but really, they do not do much for your interior designs …

Why not turn those unsightly radiators into little works of art.

With radiator covers, this can be achieved through our 5-minute installation.

With so many designs and colours to choose from, one cannot fail to be impressed by the new look your rooms and house can achieve by the easy and quick installation of our Radiator Covers.

No need for a tradesperson and these radiator covers will transform any room in an instant.

But now, you can cover these with Radiator Covers from Distinct Designs and all for a fraction of the price of most renovation projects.

The finished result looks amazing and with so many designs, sizes and colours to choose from, you can improve your home in an instant.

We carry stock for delivery within the week of our most popular radiator covers and the larger range is hand finished and delivered to you usually within 4 weeks, often sooner.

Distinct Designs can match your existing wall colour, or the radiator covers can provide a wonderful piece of design and a splash of colour to your home in Spring.

So why not dress up those tired looking radiators with radiator covers from Distinct Designs.

Shop now for Distinct Designs Radiator Covers

Contact us now and begin to improve and update your home in an instant.


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