Back To Work

Back to Work Keep Safe Distance Product Ranges

Encouraged to be returning to work in the coming weeks hygiene at offices, warehouses, retail shops, healthcare professionals, therapists, hairdressers, etc. is more important than ever to protect staff and customers.

In many areas, such as offices is not always possible to maintain social distancing. This is often because the office space is simply not large enough, or because certain tasks require working in proximity to one another. This is why we come up with a number of solutions such as Desktop and Floor Standing Clear wipe-clean Barrier Screens that are see-through to ensure visibility and contact with colleagues is possible, while at the same time Protecting Divider Shield Panel keeps the risk of coronavirus infection as low as possible.

Personal Protection equipment including Personal Face Screens offering additional Visor Shielding and hygiene range can help you to reiterate safe distances and hygiene regulations to ensure your workplace operates safely.

Work Hygiene range of personal sanitising kits including alcohol hand sanitiser gels, antibacterial wipes, dispensers, protective Type IIR face masks, and protective nitrile gloves.

Versatile Signage that can be used to inform and remind the social distancing messages in all areas of the business premises, construction site to reiterate safe distances and hygiene regulations to ensure your workplace operates safely.  Click here to download your FREE Social Distancing Sign Designs you can print an use with our Signage products.

Easy to clean workplace furniture including easy-clean vinyl fabric and plastic task and operator chairs, clear acrylic desktop protection screens, and freestanding acrylic screens.