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Be Bold, Try Gold.

Find your sparkle and let your style shine with our new Gold range.

Evoke feelings of luxury in any room of your house with our stunning Radiator Covers, Wall Panels, and much more, all of which are now available in our stunning Gold finish.

Incorporating gold elements into an interior space creates a sense of grandeur and sophistication, meaning you can just add some gold accents that signify high-quality craftsmanship and opulence in your home, hotel, restaurant, or your holiday rental.

The colour gold represents success, affluence, and luxury and is associated with high social status and success.

Gold presence boosts self-esteem and confidence, represent accomplishment and victory.

Gold is awarded to winners through gold medals and trophies, hence the colours’s connection to wealth and prosperity motivates individuals to pursue their ambitions. It evokes feelings of determination and perseverance.

The shimmering metallic colour has been used to symbolize abundance and accomplishment throughout history so why not indulge your interior with these often invoke a sense of awe and admiration.

Everything feels different with gold. Check out our new Gold range.

Luxury Gold Finish is now  available on our most popular Radiator Covers, Decorative Wall Panels and much more, contact us for more details

Luxury Gold Finish

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25 products