Range Versatile Signage products to display information and instructions reminding customers, visitors, and staff about the social distancing in all areas of the business premises, construction site as well as to reiterate safe distances and hygiene regulations to ensure your workplace operates safely at all times.

Our most popular Two-part Display Frame with Self-Adhesive back and Magnetic flip-up front allows the professional display of documents, which can be exchanged quickly and easily and read from both sides. 

The Frame stays in place on smooth indoor surfaces such as doors, cabinets, glass panes, and walls and can be removed again from solid backing such as glass without leaving a residue.

The colour of the frame is identical on both sides  Can be used in both portrait and landscape format

Various formats ranging from  A6 to 70 x 100 cm are available in 8 frame colors to choose from and you can see the full product range via this link.

You can also Download FREE PPE Hygiene & Social Distancing Poster Designs here.