Details of our hand-picked fabrics to offer an extensive choice to complement an interior


Metals, stone and lava. Colours from the Earth’s interior in perfect interplay with a tightly woven, geometric structure. An emulsion of tones and nuances. Strength and functionality. Life and depth. This is Medley – in all its stark simplicity.

Medley is woven in 100% polyester melange yarn with a simple, geometric structure. We have shown here 11 of the colours, however, there are 37 colour variants in the full selection which all are available to order, visit Gabriel website to view the full selection.

The tight texture and changing structure of the yarn give the fabric an intense colour depth and a lively surface in multiple shades. The weave structure accentuates the richness of every single nuance and creates a discreet colour play across the fabric’s surface. Nuances fuse gently and with varying saturation and intensity, depending on the incident angle of the light.

Colours from the Earth’s interior

The colour range of the fabric is inspired by nature’s palette and elements from inside the Earth. From embers, ashes and burning lava to autumn earth and fine-grained sand. From warm metals like bronze, copper and brass to cool sensory perceptions like steel, zinc and lead. From a dark, deep and discreet nuances to light, poetic and playful pastels.

Individual design experiences

Medley’s colour universe comprises a total of 37 different colours, each reflecting nature’s great contrasts in its own way and providing a basis for the creation of individual design experiences and unique effects and energies in furnishing.

Simplicity inspires

Medley has been specially developed for upholstery of furniture and screens, and it addresses both the home and contract markets. The fabric’s simple, shimmering look gives it many areas of use, and it can create a natural interaction with many different styles and designs. Simplicity inspires – and this is Medley’s special strength.