Children Design Bespoke Radiator Cabinet Cover with Cool CARS for Kids Bedroom Nursery Playroom

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Tuscany Yellow

Radiator Cabinets designed for Children's Bedrooms provide protective barrier from hot Radiators.

The radiator, pipes, and valves are all covered by this attractive, yet very functional custom-made Box.

The design features drawings of moving sports CARS with outlines of tyre markings, beaming headlights, and exhaust fumes to create the impression of motion the CARS design is perfect for boy's bedrooms, with some additional wheels and circular mechanical parts hollowed for improved heat distribution.


  • Safety: enclosed on sides and top Radiator Cabinets created a barrier from hot heaters preventing burns
  • Better protection: all sharp corners, pipes, valves are covered meaning radiators are less likely to cause scratches, bumps, and bruises;
  • No fitting: our Radiator Cabinets come fully assembled, meaning you just need to put it in place*
  • Reduced noise: that some radiators might make when heating up and cooling down in
  • Better Performance: large gaps at the top and bottom of the cabinet offer better heat transfer from the radiator to the room in comparison to other cabinets
  • Unique Designs: attractive designs and colours created specifically for children
  • Quality material & hand finish: highest quality board finished by hand to achieve superior smoothness of the durable wipe-clean surface material
  • Easy Maintenance: removable front panel for easy access for maintenance, annual bleeding, changing the temperature settings, vacuuming, etc., etc.
  • Standard Delivery: made to order in Europe and delivered in 4 to 10 weeks
  • FREE Delivery: We offer FREE UK delivery on orders of £200+ see the Delivery & Returns page for more details

Dimensions & Measurements:

Length: Please measure valve to valve and add a minimum of 10cm e.g. if your measurement is 80cm you need a 90cm Radiator Cabinet

Height: Please measure the full height from the floor to the top of the radiator; our Standard Radiator Cabinets are 88cm high, which means these are suitable for radiators up to 75cm high measured from the floor to the top of your Radiator

Depth: Please measure from the wall to the front of the radiator; our Standard Radiator Cabinets are 22cm deep, which means these are suitable for radiators up to 17cm deep measuring from the wall to the front of the radiator.

Skirting board cut out: Please note our standard Radiator Cabinets are supplied without any cut-outs or with 3x17cm cut-outs radiused at the top. Please make a note in the Shopping Basket section of your order if you would like a different size cut out for your specific skirting board.

*we recommend that you fix the Radiator Cover to the wall to avoid it falling over

Other colours and sizes are available - anything is possible (almost ...) so just contact us and we will do all we can to help i.e.most products can be made in any RAL colour (subject to an additional cost) so we can match to your existing scheme, furniture, carpet, etc. 

Please note all components of the Radiator Cabinets are made with rigid White back, which might be visible from the inside on other colours.

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