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Distinct Kids Bespoke Radiator Cabinet Cover BALLOONS Children's Bedroom Nursery Playroom

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It is so much fun playing with balloons; no matter what the Age, gender, shape or size all kids love balloons and our BALLOON design is full of fun and full of balloons in different sizes some of which are hollowed out to improve heat distributions. The stick figure designs of boys and girls are full of smiles and laughter with some little cheeky monkeys upside down caught cartwheeling. 

  • Specifically designed for our younger generation Distinct Kids Radiator Heater Cabinets look fun and funky and will enhance the look of any bedroom, nursery or playroom yet covering the hot radiators these Radiator Cabinets perform a very important function as Radiator Guards, stopping direct contact with the heater and preventing potential burns to the very delicate young skin. All the dangerous corners, pipes and thermal elements of your radiators are completely enclosed within our Radiator Cabinets, making playtime just a little bit safer. A removable Front Cover means that you can easily adjust the temperature and maintain the radiator and valves without the need to dismantle the Cabinet. Large openings on the top and bottom of the Radiator Cabinet improve air circulation when compared to the more traditionally designed, more enclosed cabinets. Radiator Cabinets are also known to reduce noise some radiators might make when heating up or cooling down, which might make bedtime that little bit easier.

    Dimensions & Measurements:

    Length: Please measure valve to valve and add a minimum of 10cm e.g. if your measurement is 80cm you need a 90cm Radiator Cabinet

    Height: Please measure the full high from the floor to the top of the radiator; our Standard Radiator Cabinets are 88cm high, which means these are suitable for radiators up to 75cm high

    Depth: Please measure from the wall to the front of the radiator; our Standard Radiator Cabinets are 22cm deep, which means these are suitable for radiators up to 17cm deep measuring from the wall to the front of the radiator.

    Skirting board cut out: Please note as standard our Radiator Cabinets are supplied without any cut-outs. Please make a note in the Shopping Cart section of your order if you would like a standard size 3x17cm cut-outs radiused at the top or if you need a different size cut out for your specific skirting board.

    All Children colours listed are NON-Gloss but Gloss options, as well as other colours and sizes, are available - anything is possible (almost ...) so just contact us and we will do all we can to help i.e.most products can be made in any RAL colour (subject to additional cost) so we can match to your existing scheme, furniture, carpet, etc. Please note all components of the Radiator Cabinets are made with rigid White back, which might be visible from the inside on other colours.

    Find the perfect design match with our Magnetic Blackboards or colour match with our Innovative Headboards  
  • Measurements:

    Ensure you measure the full WIDTH / LENGTH of the radiator, including valves.

    Distinct Designs Distinct Kids Bespoke Radiator Cabinets Measuring Instructions - legth

    Ensure you measure the full HEIGHT from the floor to the top of your radiator; measure depth from the wall to the front of the radiatorDistinct Designs Distinct Kids Bespoke Radiator Cabinets Measuring Instructions - height and depth

    Decide if you need a skirting board cut out? Distinct Designs Distinct Kids Bespoke Radiator Cabinets Measuring Instructions - skirting board cut out For example: 100cm Radiator Cabinets are suitable for radiators up to 90cm / 3 ft long or 130cm Radiator Covers are suitable for Radiators up to 120cm / 4ft long.

    To limit the loss of heat ensures that you choose the size that allows free air flow around the radiator, in all directions. Standard covers are 88cm high, double check that this is the right height for you, otherwise, contact us to get a bespoke quotation.

    Fitting Instructions:

    To ensure premium build quality most of our Radiator CAbinets come pre-assembled, meaning you will just need to place it in the correct area of your room. For your reference please go to Instruction Page to see how to fit the Radiator Cabinets.


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