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The age old dilemma - Radiator Covers or Cabinets?

Time and time again I get asked which the better option is, a Radiator Cover or Radiator Cabinet. And my answer is always – that depends …


Covering your radiators might affect the Heating Distribution to a lesser or greater degree but the reason why you might be considering the options are likely to be due to the aesthetics you would like to achieve, the added functionality as well as the safety aspects?

So here is an overview of the two ways you can cover the radiators together with the advantages and disadvantages for each.

Radiator Covers

Radiator Covers

In essence these are durable panels that are fixed onto a heater with special fixings; the fixings hold the Radiator Cover Panel away from the front of the heater (approximately 5cm). The Radiator Covers have no top, bottom or sides, which means it has a very little influence on the normal heat distribution of your heaters so adding the cover cause nominal loss of heat (approximately 1%).

Our most popular Radiator Covers are designed to retain the heat efficiency of your heaters. The panels are designed only to ‘hide’ the front of your radiator, meaning that the top and bottom (and sides) of your radiator are completely open, which allows the free flow of air through the radiator retaining the effective distribution of the  convected heat, the key ingrediency to heat up your room effectively – read more here about the heat distribution.


  • no heat loss*
  • quick installation
  • repositionable /removable easy to adjust, move to another room or take to the next property
  • attractive floating effect
  • prevent burns by create a barrier from hot radiators protecting children, elderly or pets 
  • and most importantly, Radiator Covers hide unsightly traditional radiators in any area of your home, including Bathroom Towel Rails!


  • no top shelf for storage or display (but you can add a stylish Radiator Shelve to solve this, see details below)
  • radiator components visible from the side (which is reduced if a larger cover is specified)
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      Radiator Cabinets

      Radiator Cabinets are usually heavier and more sturdy (if you buy a good quality one!) Cabinets.

      The construction includes the front panel, two sides and top-shelf meaning there are more parts to fit.

      Radiator Cabinets might influence all three heat types transfers, which means you must consider the design of the Cabinet so the heat is not trapped within it.

      Our Radiator Cabinets have been specifically designed with large openings on the top and bottom to encourage the free flow of convected heat; stylish, yet open patterns of the front panel will have minimal effect on the radiant heat. This means, in comparison to other Radiator Cabinets our products are designed to have the least interference with the heat transfer from the radiator to the room, indeed there is a flue effect of cold air being drawn from the bottom, through the radiator and adding the natural convection process.

      Enclosed on sides the Radiator Cabinets also provide an even better barrier that Radiator Covers safeguarding children, pets etc. from touching hot radiator surfaces or getting injured by sharp valves or pipes, and therefore we highly recommend these in children activity areas such as bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, corridors etc. etc.



      • fully enclosed so safer to touch with no direct contact with the heater
      • no sharp edges, valves and corners
      • additional shelf for storage or display
      • reduced noise, which some radiators might make when heating or cooling


      • less efficient heating (depending on design)
      • more difficult to maintain (though our products have a handy removable front)
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        Radiator Shelves – best of both worlds

        After reading various studies it is also recommended to place a Radiator Shelf above the Radiator Cover; the shelf will direct the heated toward the room preventing it rising directly toward the ceiling. A stylish shelf will also provide the solutions as a handy storage in the hallway for the keys or post, a mental peace in the lounge to display photos, candles, cards etc. or some additional surface in the dining room for glasses etc; placing a shelf above the Radiator is also known to redirect heat into the room improving heating efficiency.  and display space some might like above the Radiator Cover.


        Our Recommendations


        With the above in mind, you should consider using different types of Radiator Coverings in different areas and different position e.g. Radiator Covers in the lounge, dining room, landing and Radiator Cabinets in children bedroom, nursery, playroom or busy corridors etc.

        But if you are not sure what you need, please contact us and we can recommend the best solution for you.

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