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Vintage Style Rope and Bamboo Pendant Lights in Country Loft Nautical Style for Bar, Cafe, Pub, Home

Vintage Style Rope and Bamboo Pendant Light for Bar, Cafe, Pub, Home

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Hanging Rope Pendant Ceiling Lights will add a Rustic touch to your Loft Creative Industrial home Living Room, Dining room, Hall or Study; it will bring some interesting Nautical Detail decor to a seaside Restaurant, Bars, Coffee Shop, commercial building or clothing Store decoration.

Looking to revamp and add some edge to your space with retro lighting? Get this Hanging Rope and Bamboo Pendant Lights that has a distinct and interesting nautical detail making it perfect for seaside restaurant, bars, coffee shop, office, home, or just about any area.

Lighting fixtures, just like other aspects, play a huge influence in your interior design. They are like gems overhead and they instantly make a statement in any space. 

This drop light allows you to illuminate your favorite area while adding more character to it. 

If you are a lover of anything rustic or vintage, then this pendant light is a top choice. 

We have two versions for this pendant light. One has 4 heads and the other has 6. You can use either warm white or yellow bulb lights to create an ambient glow that is sure to make you feel calm. The bulb lights are not included.

The bamboo measures 60cm in length and the pendant drop from the ceiling is about 70cm for the smaller version. For the 6-bulb version, the bamboo and the drop measure about 80cm. All lengths can be adjusted.
 This pendant light is sure to become a wonderful conversation starter. Order yours today and make your space even more inviting!
The rope can be adjusted according to your preference and it comes with all mounting hardware for quick and easy installation.

4 Heads: Bamboo length 60cm; Pendant drop from the ceiling 70cm (height can be customized);

6 Heads:  Bamboo length 80cm; Pendant drop from the ceiling 80cm (height can be customized );

Bulb: E27 (screw type) NOT supplied 

Delivery: 2 - 24 days depending on model ordered