Alternative Radiator Cover Fittings Column RollRound Top Radiator Bathroom Towel Rail & others

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Our Alternative Fittings provide a tailored solution for non-standard radiators, allowing you to fit our Panel Radiator Cover onto any Radiator, making it stylish yet providing protection from burns without causing heat loss. The additional fittings meant that the Column RollRound Top Radiator Bathroom Towel Rail & other types of Radiators can easily be covered, providing a perfect finish.

We provide Adapters and Fitting Kits to fit the Removable Radiator Covers onto other types of Radiators without compromising the design, style, ease of fitting, and heat efficiency.

Our Panel Radiator Covers cause very little loss of heat (approximately 1%) making this a perfect solution for any room in your house. 

We cover all types and sizes of Radiator Heaters with ease.

Column Radiators: Adapter Kit to fit in between the columns/ribs N.B. plates are 36mm wide and need to go through the gap between columns of the Radiator; the set contains 2 of the pictured components, please order multiples as required

Roll/ Round Top Radiators: Alternative 18-22mm Adjustable and Removable Fittings; pack of 2 suitable for Radiators up to 140cm long, please order multiples as required

Bathroom Towel Rail Fittings: Clips to fit Radiator Cover to standard Bathroom Towel Rail heaters, pack of 4 clips with screws
Other Heater / Cooler types: Bracket to fit onto the wall and Radiator Cover, price each please order multiples as required.

Please get in touch with us if you are not sure what fitting you need or email a photo of the top of your radiator to us so we can recommend the correct fitting to you.

Please note all Radiator Covers come with rigid White back on all colours.   


To complete the look consider ordering made-to-measure matching Radiator Shelves that will also improve heating efficiency by directing heat into the room.


Fitting Instructions:

Please go to the Instruction Page to see how to fit the radiator covers.