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Decorative Oversized Ornamental 2 CHILI PEPPER LED Bulb for Display Table Pendant Light Fixture

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Exclusive Large Dimmable LED Bulbs that are unique showpieces designed to upgrade interiors with beautiful lighting.

The unique CHILI PEPPER shape fits into any existing E27 light fixtures of a floor standing/desk lamp base holders, side light or pendants fitting to create stunning focal features. Striking 4.5 cm x 28 cm shape and ingenious design means you do not need a lampshade, just place the lamp into a suitable base to achieve minimalist yet eye-catching display. High quality LED Filament element is crafted to perfectly fit the shape of the bulb to maximise the performance whilst emphasising the unusual design. With the latest technology, these 2100K bulbs are perfectly dimmable.

Bundle a number of the same lamps together or in different shapes and lengths to create unique designs above the kitchen island or dining tables or in stylish hallways.

Individually made by hand to quality Dutch designs with 240V 4W 140 lumens (Gold) an 60 lumens (Titanium) superior light with energy efficient and long-lasting 15,000 hours LED source.

Choose the Gold colour to achieve more classic fell or mirror-like Titanium Silver for more modern and futuristic design

2 Bulbs presented in a luxurious black box with magnetic closures making it a  perfect wedding, anniversary gift or any occasional present for any demanding, design-conscious individual.