Elegant White Radiator Heater Covers with Classic CUBE decorative grille screening panel design

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Made to order Classic Radiator Covers with strong 18mm thick and 10cm wide Frame and decorative perforated grille screening panel for maximum heat efficiency. The stylish CUBE design of our Classic panel range is simple, yet stylish with square shapes integrated within each other to create an intriguing and inspirational design.

Your lounge/living room, dining room, bedroom, or entry hall will be transformed in minutes without the need to drill, cut, or damage the walls. Removable Radiator Covers are extremely easy to fit onto a standard panel or column radiator so it is hidden behind the modern attractive cover, yet there is very little loss of heat (approximate 1%) making this a perfect solution for any room in your house. The ingenious design of the fittings not only means that the covers are extremely easy to fit (it will only take 5 minutes) but also there is a minimal loss of heat (approximately only 1%). The flexible fittings allow for the 70cm High (27 ½”) Radiator Cover position to be adjusted so it fits the space perfectly, without the need to be placed in the middle of the radiator. Made tp order from water-retardant material covered with durable PVC foil the Radiator Covers are easy to clean. All covers are supplied with standard fittings for panel radiators - column Radiator Fittings sold separately. 

Choose from the colours and size listed on the website or contact us if you need a different colour or size. Please note all Radiator Covers come with rigid White backs on all colours. Also, contact us if you would like to order the item with full housing (top shelf and sides) as a Radiator Cabinet. 

To complete the look consider ordering made to measure matching Radiator Shelves that will also improve heating efficiency by directing heat into the room.